Services We Provide.

  • Content Marketing & Native Advertising

    There’s been a lot of talk about both Content Marketing and Native Advertising, but also a lot of confusion about exactly what they are and how they differ. They

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

    In today’s tech driven world, virtually every aspect of a business has been affected. This goes for the marketing of a business. Today, there are many different

  • Video

    YouTube reports that it now has over 1 billion active users who collectively generate more than one billion video views per day. The site reaches more people under the

  • Web Design and Optimization

    There’s one overriding reason why a professional Web Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are necessary for a business website – traffic. It’s

  • Mobile Display Advertising

    Since the Internet has been around for a while, it’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t have a website. Whether that website is used for informational

  • Pay Per Click

    Living in the digital era means that businesses have to shift their focus from traditional marketing techniques and onto methods that focus on the online arena. With

Case Studies

Q Digital has proven to deliver above average results for our clients. We work hard to deliver, optimize and execute each marketing strategy in a way that maximizes your return.

  • University of Phoenix

    University of Phoenix used our native advertising platform to distribute its awareness videos across our network. Campaign performance was great with excellent click through rates and strong social engagement rates. Completion rates were stellar, with most videos seeing nearly 70% completion.

  • Capella University

    Capella University was looking to distribute their branded content of efficiently educate business professionals about it’s unique FlexPath degree program. Through our native platform Capella was able to educate users using our custom headlines, contextually align content across our platform’s Business, News, and Tech publishers, as well are drove inquires with our social sharing and custom buttons.

  • Nordstrom Rack

    Nordstrom Rack utilized our native advertising platform’s style and fashion and entertainment feeds to amplify their fashion content highlighting various Spring fashion trends in a content engagement gallery ad. This campaign performed well within benchmarks and was a great success for the brand.

  • Hermosa Plastic Surgery

    Hermosa Plastic Surgery uses our mobile advertising, social media and email marketing services to grow its medspa practice. Q Digital is able to consistently deliver a .33% CTR using html5 ad copy and compelling creative. Q Digital utilizes its in-house SEM services to manage and optimize their pay per click campaign delivering an average cost per click of $.66 and a 1.5% CTR.

  • Home Improvement

    This home improvement company utilizes our social media marketing and management products to engage new clients and drive web traffic. Q Digital is able to target new homeowners within specific income brackets and locations to deliver a consistent 1.7% CTR across platforms.

  • Automotive

    Our automotive client utilizes Q Digital’s web design and optimization services to create an online presence. Within four months our client’s website began ranking, delivering new customers and engaging prospective clients using compelling blog posts and site design.

We Know Our Stuff!

Meet The Talent

Our talent team is dedicated to bringing you innovative, targeted, and creative ideas!

  • Jazmine C.

    Agency Director

    Jazmine serves as agency director and lead strategist. She brings over 13 years experience in all areas of media to the team including videography, graphic design, web development and strategic campaign implementation. Jazmine has a passion for video and visual aesthetics. She is a true creative by nature and a marketing beast by experience.

  • Will Kirschner, Jr.

    Will K.

    Web Developer

    Will is Q Digital’s web developer. He specializes in responsive, clean design that is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. He enjoys a challenge and enjoys delivering a quality product for all his clients.

  • Jessica at Q. Digital

    Jessica H.


    Jessica serves as a media strategist and photographer for Q Digital. She boasts over a decade of experience training and maintaining customer relations. Jessica works endlessly to provide her clients with an experience that sets the bar high. She has a keen eye for imagery and brings creativity and marketing know-how to each client.


  • Henry G.


    Henry is the videography visionary at Q Digital. He is an award winning videographer with a background in news and commercial production. Henry amalgamates a cinematic approach with commercial video production and the end result is pure excellence.

  • Ben at Q. Digital

    Benito P.


    Benito is experienced in marketing, advertisement and automotive. He has a passion for photography and arts. Benito is a well rounded innovator. He educates his clients and understands what it takes to reach their goals.

  • Michael S.

    Graphic Design

    Michael serves as a freelance graphic artist for Q Digital. He is a graphic design graduate from Cal State University of San Bernardino. He is a social movement activist and celebrated and recognized muralist. Michael currently sits on the San Bernardino Fine Arts Commission.

  • Mark S.

    Digital Strategy & Automotive

    Mark serves as digital media strategist and automotive extraordinaire. He has over 25 years experience in sales and automotive industry knowledge. He has a knack for breaking through a tough market and understands what it takes to deliver a stellar ROI.


Q Digital is dedicated to providing a boutique style service and personal attention to each client while maintaining an affordable pricing structure. We use a suite of vendors that compete for your business, driving cost down while Q Digital maintains the integrity and performance optimization you expect from your digital solutions provider.

  • Display Advertising on Mobile and Desktop

    $ 499 and Up
    per Month
    • Starting at $6 CPM
    • Responsive Design
    • Standard HTML5 Creative
    • Front end Transparency
    • Categorical and Geographic Targeting
    • Behavioral and Contextual Targeting
  • Social Media Management

    $ 599
    per Month
    • Brand Protection
    • 2-5 Facebook and Twitter Posts Per Week
    • Email Marketing Twice Per Month
    • Review Response on Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+
    • Custom Dashboard
  • Web Design & Optimization

    $ 999
    and Up
    • Responsive
    • Mobile Friendly
    • SEO Ready
    • Custom Design
    • Optimized Blog Post Monthly
  • Social Media & In-feed Native Advertising

    $ 499 and Up
    per Month
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Premium Sites: Elle, Men’s Health, TMZ, Vogue
    • Target Locally or Nationally
    • Target by Category

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