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Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a method used in direct marketing in order to acquire numbers of customers via repetitive marketing actions.

Drip campaigns are a method used in direct marketing in order to acquire numbers of customers via repetitive marketing actions. It might involve sending marketing information to the prospects for a long period of time repeatedly for the purpose of nurturing leads or prospects. These campaigns are executed via email marketing by sending content (emails) automatically at predetermined times (triggers) for the purpose of engaging these contacts.

Email marketing involves using email to send ads, solicit donations or sales, request business and might also be a factor in building trust, loyalty and also brand awareness. It could be done whether for the purpose of selling lists or recent customer database. In its broader sense, email marketing would refer to sending email messages along with the purpose of enhancing relationship of a certain merchant with the recent and previous customers along with the following reasons:

  • Encourage customer loyalty therefore leading to repeat business
  • Acquiring new customers or persuading those current customers to immediately buy something
  • Adding advertisements to email messages being sent by other companies into their customers

Email marketing using drip campaigns is simply about automating the sales cycle. You should customize drip campaigns in order to meet your need as a business owner. There are different kinds of drip campaigns and those are top-of-mind drips, educational drips, re-engagement drips, competitive drips, and training drips.

Along with those, there are numbers of benefits that you might experience along with considering drip campaigns. Some of the benefits might include:

  • You will be relevant. Drip campaigns deliver the right information within the exact moment of a trigger. Once a prospect watches a certain video into your site the said automated campaign would trigger email thanking the possible customer for checking out the product or service and might follow up with something of value.
  • Creating leads. One of the purposes of email marketing with drip campaigns is to nurture the early-stage leads up until they become ready for sales. And the continuous supply of the leads within various stages into the sales process would help in maximizing the marketing as well as sales efforts.
  • With drip campaigns you work smarter, not harder. Drip campaigns can free up some valuable resources and save time by the automated process. It would eliminate the need of remembering since every lead would be into the sales cycle through educating and also nurturing the leads just for you. With this campaign, you would spend less time in terms of making sales pitches along with more time in terms of closing numbers of deals.

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