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Mobile advertising allows you to reach consumers on the device they use the most. Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred platform to reach potential buyers while they're in the moment, particularly when they are ready to buy. Increase your share of the market by using mobile advertising through mobile display and mobile apps.

November 5, 2015

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Since the Internet has been around for a while, it’s hard to imagine a business that doesn’t have a website. Whether that website is used for informational purposes, or it is used as a retail outlet for products or services provided by a business, suffice to say, a website is essential. With that being said, in today’s business world, many businesses are still either struggling to get a website up and running, while others are aspiring to upgrade poorly designed websites of the past. It’s becoming evident that simply having a website isn’t good enough. The shifts and advances in technology are requiring businesses to have more than just a standard website that caters to computer and laptop end users only.

To understand this better, it’s first important to understand how an individual accesses the Internet and how that, thanks to improved technology, has changed from the way things used to be. In the past, virtually everyone who wanted to get online would need a desktop or a laptop computer to do so. With this as a standard, most websites were designed for a particular type of viewing screen, and it stayed that way for some time.

Today, with advances in mobile technology, people are using a wide variety of devices to access the Internet. While desktop computers and laptops are still popular methods of getting online, smart phones as well as Internet connected electronic tablets have become as popular. In fact, they may be more popular than laptops or desktop computers.

People are more mobile and require more from technology. Business men and women may need access to cloud base data or programs, and use their smart phones or tablets as mobile office computers while traveling. This sort of accesses doesn’t tie a person to only getting work done while in their office. As such, marketing companies have found a way to capitalize on this trend with Mobile Advertising.

Much like advertising online once was, today, promotion text as well as specific website design formatted for smaller Display screens can aid in reaching a new breed of business men and women, as well as regular end users. If your business is looking to reach out to people on the go, or people that prefer mobile devices over standard computers, mobile advertising and marketing may be just what is needed.

Q Digital uses multiple exchanges and customizes site lists to ensure effective mobile ad delivery. Our creative team develops engaging html5 display ads using responsive design at no additional charge. Our average click through rate delivers between .23% -.35%, much higher than the .12% national average. Our personal attention and campaign management allows us to optimize in order to deliver impressive results.

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