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BlindScapes turned to Q Digital to deliver an online search engine marketing campaign for its local blinds and window coverings business. Using search engine marketing, Q Digital was able capture an audience that was actively searching for products within our client's scope. Q Digital set up, monitored, and optimized the search engine marketing (pay per click) campaign to deliver a click through rate of 1.79%.

November 5, 2015


Living in the digital era means that businesses have to shift their focus from traditional marketing techniques and onto methods that focus on the online arena. With over 100 billion searches performed on the Google search engine every single month, this often means vying for the top spot in the search results when relevant keywords are typed in. While search engine optimization (SEO) is key for those who want to dominate organic search, business owners need not ignore the power that pay-per-click (PPC) ads have.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau reports that PPC ads have been responsible for generating as much as 11.8 billion dollars in yearly revenue for businesses. The bottom line is that paid search marketing drives revenue. For those who are still on the fence about whether or not PPC is for them, here’s five important benefits that illustrate why business owners need to make it part of their marketing strategy:

  • Straightforward Ad Spend: With traditional advertising methods, business owners have to spend money hoping that their target audience will hear or see and respond to their message. Those who invest in PPC only pay when someone clicks on their ad. Paid search makes it possible to limit marketing dollars to only those people who are definitely interested in an offer.
  • Unmatched Cost Control: Pay per click budgets can be set according to the business owner’s specific needs. PPC platforms allow businesses to set daily ad spend limits, and they can change that number or stop running ads altogether at any given time.
  • Specific Audience Targeting: One of the best things about PPC is that it helps business owners target their ads to the right audience. In addition to ads that only show up for specific keywords, consumers can be targeted by location (referred to as “geotargeting”) or time of day.
  • The Quickest Results: SEO is great, but results can take months to achieve. PPC advertising gives business owners instant results. This allows them to tweak marketing campaigns early on so that they will be on their way to a better ROI much more quickly.

Big brands invest millions of dollars into PPC every year because they know that, when done right, it can yield huge revenue returns. Get in touch with a PPC marketing expert today to learn more about how paid search marketing can boost the bottom line and help business owners work toward rapid growth and expansion.

Pay per click advertising is the best way to reach consumers that are actively searching for products or services. Using this method, you reach consumers while they’re in the moment. We work with you to create a campaign that delivers on the keywords you want. Keyword blocking is available for your search engine marketing (pay per click) campaign at no additional cost.

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