November 5, 2015

YouTube reports that it now has over 1 billion active users who collectively generate more than one billion video views per day. The site reaches more people under the age of 49 than any cable network, and the company reports that video watch time has increased by as much as sixty percent in recent years. With over one third of all Internet users accessing YouTube every day, business owners can no longer afford to ignore video as a marketing strategy. Read on for a brief overview of the business benefits that can be reaped from investing in video marketing.

  • Video Gets Results: 34 percent of people make a purchase after watching a video. According to business giants like Dell and Amazon, watching a video also increases the likelihood of purchase by 35 percent. For business owners looking to drive revenue, video is key.
  • Video Boosts SEO: These days, search engine visibility is vital. Video plays a huge role in the ranking algorithms of popular search engines like Google and Bing. The right YouTube strategy can boost organic rankings, which leads to more business exposure.
  • Video Entertains and Influences: Video captures the audience’s attention and keeps them more engaged than written articles do. Business owners can use video to share product demonstrations and give valuable tips and tricks to customers that show them how a business can help them before they even make a purchase.
  • Video Can Reach Multiple Platforms: Videos can be used as mobile ads and can also be shared across social media platforms. Short-form videos (like those seen on Instagram) are much more likely to go viral and be shared widely than written content.

Video marketing has the potential to increase business visibility and drive revenue in ways that other marketing strategies simply cannot, but the key to success in this arena is making sure to use high-quality videos. Investing in professional Videography builds trust with an audience and can enhance a business’ image in the eyes of the consumer. In addition, just one video can be used in multiple ways on multiple platforms to help a business owner build a solid customer base.

For those who truly want to capture the interest of their target market and compel them to engage, video is definitely the way to go. Contact a Video Marketing expert to discover the power of video and how it can help take business marketing to the next level.

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